DIY Twine Planter

Today we’re bringing you a super easy, super adorable DIY from our talented photographer friend Erika. Aren’t these twine planters adorable? They’re perfect for a little succulent garden, and they’re made from recycled food containers!

You will need:
 • a can of spray paint of the color of your choice.
• a clean tupperware or a plastic container. I like these old feta cheese containers because of the flat side, it makes it pretty fun to flush against a wall.
 • twine or string
• hot glue gun
• scissors

First, carefully cut a few small holes in the bottom of your container for water to drain. Scissors or a utility knife will usually work, but if you’re having trouble, try using a power drill. Next, give it a few coats of spray paint, letting it dry thoroughly in between. Be careful to get the rim.

After it’s dry, begin by gluing the tip of your twine under the lip of the container. This first wrap around is just to secure the twine. From there, continue to wrap the twine around, keeping it taut with your fingers. If your string begins to fall out of place (it happens with larger containers) just bust out your hot glue gun again. Don’t worry if it gets messy, you can do a second layer of twine to cover any sagging spots or visible glue.

It’s fun to play with variations in twine coverage. Once you’ve wrapped the twine where you are like it, simply snip it and use your hot glue gun to secure it. They can also be quick, fun accent pieces to your other potted plants.

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  • Nice simple DIY, never would have thought of this.

  • Very cute and creative! I love repurposing food containers and am always seeking inspiration. Definitely saving this one for a rainy day.

  • Hi! Thanks for responding to my post from the Lucky Inner Circle. I love the layout of your blog and I can see how page breaks can be really effective. Definitely want to try out this DIY soon!

  • Great idea. I may just have to give it a try. (visiting from blog hop ladybug).