Packing For A Fall Beach Getaway

Beach in the Fall


You guys. I’m a serious under-packer. Or maybe I’m just really lazy. I mean, I went to Iceland for a week without so much as a sweater. I knew it would be cold, but I didn’t want to have to carry a jacket with me around Europe for 2 weeks. Yep. Just lazy. So, when U by Kotex challenged us to come up with a Packing List for a Weekend Getaway, I jumped at the opportunity to overcome my ridiculous packing habits.

In a few weeks Ben and I will be loading the dogs in the car and heading to Myrtle Beach for a little family vacation with his parents. We’ll be there in early October, so I’m excited to take a break from pumpkin spice and everything nice, and bring out a few old summer favorites. I’ll bridge the gap between the calendar and the weather with midis and maxis in warm autumn shades, paired with easy-breezy crop tops for the hot summery sun.

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? My family always steered clear of the most popular vacation spots. We’d always rent cute little bungalows on remote coastal islands, or go up the rocky coast to cooler climates. So this will be my first time, and I’m so excited! We’re staying south of the main beach area, and I’m told it’s actually pretty quiet there this time of year. I’m ready for long sandy walks, great food, and beautiful views!

So here are a few things that I always forget. I’m going to throw them in my bag now so I won’t leave without them!

  • Toothpaste
  • Sunscreen
  • Bandaids (Blisters always find me on vacation. Always.)
  • Feminine Care products
  • Sunglasses
  • Ibuprofen
  • Warm Clothes

I actually think the U by Kotex line is perfect for this kind of trip: small and discreet! They look like the travel tissue packages my mom used to pack in my school lunches. Want to try it yourself? FOR FREE? Visit U by Kotex and find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information. Then, sit back and wait, your samples will be on their way!

Is there anything you always forget to pack when you travel? Do you have any trips planned? Have you been to Myrtle Beach? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Huge thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion and helping me #savetheundies! And an even huger thanks to YOU, dearest readers, for supporting the sponsors that help make this blog possible. We love you!

  • oh wow, i absolutely love all the outfits you put together, i would wear each one of them! great choices!

    • Dearest Darling

      Thanks!! I might have a slight addiction to polyvore now…

  • I wish I could pull of crop tops more often. I am loving the 2 long skirts though. Gorgeous picks.
    xx, Jodi

    • Dearest Darling

      I used to be hesitant, too, but crops can be so easy! The long skirts balance out the skin so I’d feel completely comfortable in these.

  • Everything you chose is PERFECT!! And now I want to go to the beach!


    • Dearest Darling

      THANKS! I’m so excited!

  • Stephanie

    Great looks for travel. It’s important to be comfortable and practical when vacationing.

  • lisamathiasjohnson

    Cute pieces! I’m spending the winter holidays with my parents in Florida, so I can definitely use these outfits as inspiration for what to pack!

    • Dearest Darling

      Lucky girl! I’ll be ready to pack it in for the winter after about a week.

  • This is my favorite time of year for beach trips, as long as the storms behave! Still nice and warm, but not so crazy hot as summer. Love your list of things to pack!

    • Dearest Darling

      So glad to hear it! I’ve never done a beach trip in the fall, but I hear the weather is perfect!

  • I LOVE that long red skirt! So beautiful!


    • Dearest Darling

      Thanks! That’s my favorite, too! I need to find one like it!

  • tia_cherie

    I always forget something when it comes to
    travel. These outfits are perfect and I particularly like the orange skirt.

    • Dearest Darling

      Me too! It’s so hard to remember everything!

  • tianna

    super cute picks! Definitely keeping this in mind – the beach is only 1 hour from me 🙂

  • Laura Milroy

    Super cute! I just wish I had a beach to go to!

    The Accidental Mama

  • jess

    Great list & thanks for the free sample link!

  • Desiree @ Macke Monologues

    Loving these beach looks! I need a little revamping to my wardrobe, and each of these styles is perfect for our beach trips.

  • Funny that you are a under packer… I am definitely an over packer! These looks are so great and I’m sure you’re going to look fab on your trip:)

  • Angie B.

    Seeing your post makes me wish I was back at the beach. Thanks for the info on the Kotex samples. Heading over now!

  • Laurie Barrie

    Ha! I had to laugh at things you always forget because I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten them too!

  • I am an under packer as well. When we first start to plan the trip I have all of these ideas on what I want to take but when it comes down to it I always stick with the same things. I love all of the skirts too! They are so so cute! I’ve been wanting to try a cropped top shirt but not too sure if I can pull it off!

  • What cute picks… thank you for sharing the free sample info!

  • Heather

    Great list! It must be popular because I just clicked to get free samples and they are all out! 🙂 I also forget many of the same things when packing!

  • cewtypye

    Great outfits !!

  • Manu Kalia

    This is what I love about Fall. 😉 Great idea and very creative outfits

  • Sam Sly

    Great list, love the stylish neutrals

  • Love the choices! I wish it was warm enough for the beach here!

  • Great list! I NEVER pack enough warm clothing when traveling!

  • How fun and cute..

  • NiChallenged

    These are so cute. Definitely must haves.

  • Suki and the City

    Those crop tops – LOVE xx