Valentines Recipe Roundup

Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is a holiday that lends itself to indulgent desserts. And we’ve never been known to pass on dessert, so we’ve compiled a handy-dandy Valentine’s guide to all things edible. Whether you’re trying to bake your way into the heart of your one true love, or treating Number One to the kind of love you deserve, you’re bound to find the most adorably delicious delicacies (say that 10 times fast!) this time of year. Here are a few of our favorites Valentines recipes from around the web:


valentines recipe


A Beautiful Mess’ Red Velvet Pancakes featured above

These HEALTHY, whole-food friendly Strawberry Truffles

Insanely Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

Super-cool Strawberry Roses for the crafty at heart.


valentines recipe

Kid-friendly dinner idea: Heart-shaped Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Decadent Chocolate Crepes with Strawberry Filling

Mini Pancake Kabobs because everything is better on a stick

Pink Hot Chocolate because everything is better in pink


valentines recipe


Are you hungry yet? I don’t have any plans for the holiday (fun fact: Valentine’s day used to be Ben and I’s anniversary until we decided to change it!) but I think I’ll be in the baking for the next week anyway. And don’t forget to check back later this week, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite personal recipes for Valentine’s day as well. What’s on your menu for the big day? Do you have a favorite Valentines recipe?

  • WOW these all look gorgeous and DEE-LICIOUS. I might have to make some pink hot chocolate to keep warm this Valentine’s day!

  • some great ideas here, but I think I will cheat and take my better half out

  • Wow, I think I’d just gained a few pounds just looking at the pictures. Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day.

  • Those all look wonderful, but I think I’ll stick with plain strawberries for now, as I’m trying to lose weight! LOL