Fall Drugstore Makeup Must Haves

Fall is officially here, darlings! As much as I’ve been trying to hang on to every last moment of summer sunshine, I couldn’t deny it any longer when Skyla showed up to our weekly Netflix & Chill date sporting a slouchy sweater and a pumpkin spice latte. Now, I’m not one to shame a girl for her choice in harvest-themed beverages (except that pumpkin flavoring is decidedly GROSS and that’s proven by Science), but I’ve gotta say I’m a little sad to bid summer adieu. Aside from my grand California Road Trip, I feel like this year has been a little light on adventures (my little Moon Baby might have something to do with that). But it isn’t over yet, right? There’s still plenty of time for camping and bonfires before the snow falls. So instead of dwelling on what hasn’t yet been, I’ll focus on one of my favorite parts of the new season!


Fall is all about reinvention. Growing up, I was so fortunate to head to school with new pencils and new clothes every year. And, naturally, that stuck with me. So as the leaves change every year I get the urge to change a little myself, too. Well, what’s a girl to do when she likes her hair color and can’t afford a whole new wardrobe? Makeup!


Here are a few of our fall drugstore makeup must haves! These are the things we ran out to buy as soon as they hit the shelves, and the ones we keep in our bags and use daily. They have our 100% recommendation for a brand new, gorgeously fall look. Enjoy!


Fall Makeup Must Haves


Left to Right:

Mineral Fusion Powdered Sun Defense – Just because summer has passed doesn’t mean we’re off the hook with sun protection. Did you know the SPF you put on in the morning usually only lasts about 2 hours? That’s a lot of unprotected sun time. I carry this translucent SPF powder in my purse and swipe it on over my makeup throughout the day. It keeps my skin protected and helps fight shine. Win win. -Lindsay


NYX Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick -For me, fall is all about playing with texture, and that includes my makeup routine! While I enjoy a smoky eye with some shimmer (let’s be honest- that’s an all year round thing), and matte-as-matte-can-be skin, suede NYX lip creme adds another texture/visual interest. While normally I wouldn’t be caught dead in suede (maaaybe vegan booties or flats), I love the smooth and lush appearance of this lip product on my kisser. – Skyla


NYX High Definition Blush – I love a subtle pink flushed cheek for fall to mimic the natural flush that comes from cold weather. I just picked this up in Electro, a bright pink that looks perfectly rosy and chilled on smooth, matte skin. Two thumbs up! -Skyla


Covergirl Star Wars Dark Side Mascara – I am a pretty big Star Wars fan- ok so I only like the original 3 and haven’t even watched the Phantom Menace. But the trailer for the new Star Wars movie has so much promise! And cover girl’s special edition Star Wars mascara is a great way to join in on the hubbub and still look great (what do you mean my Yoda hat isn’t a good look?). This mascara works like an opposite light saber and instead of cutting your eye lashes off (ahhh!) it actually gives them 400% more volume from corner to corner. -Skyla


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm – This is my go to “wasn’t-planning-on-going-out-but-here-we-are” lip product. It’s so easy to pop on when those last minute plans pop up, you don’t even need a mirror! The colors are pigmented and fun – I love Sultry and Unapologetic. -Lindsay


NYX Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palette in Nouveau Chic – OK I have to admit I don’t own this one yet, but only because it’s sold out! I tried it in Ulta and the colors were beautifully pigmented and buttery soft with an impressive staying power. It’s at the top of my wishlist right now. – Lindsay


And there you have it! What are we missing? What are your favorite beauty products right now? We’re always on the lookout for new products to try, so please share your recommendations below!