Blog Guilt

The blog guilt is hitting hard today, guys. It seems like every time we get our butts in gear and crank out a few ideas/photoshoots/posts, life speeds up and we fall off the wagon again. We’re sorry! If it were up to us, this blog would be full of shiny new ideas each and every day. But between 2 busy schedules full of 2 jobs, 4 dogs, 2 dudes, grad school, a novel, families, and friends, sometimes we just run out of juice before we can sit down and write.


Anyone who knows me well can attest to one major flaw in my mechanics (besides an over-appreciation for tacos and a serious lack of funds). I’m a quitter. I start things with a fiery passion and then, somewhere along the way, that burns out and I give up.


Growing up, I would read until the last few chapters of a book and quit once I knew what would happen. I would get a new videogame and play up until the final boss battle before losing interest. I would pick up new hobbies, try them out for awhile, and eventually set them aside. I still do.


But this is different. This is a place of joy & creativity for us, and I promise we will not quit. We’re working hard to find a balance that allows us to dedicate the time we want to the things we love. It’s not easy, but it’s fun and fulfilling and worthwhile. For the blog, that might mean some new kinds of content. I’ve always been happiest with our content when it’s a seamless part of our lives, and right now our lives are scattered across a myriad of topics (example: 40% of my excess brain space is currently going to novel research and Icelandic mythology). So I just have to trust that our readers will forgive us if we go a little off topic. I have to believe that the things that we find interesting/fun/engaging will also be interesting/fun/engaging to someone else. We have to trust our instincts, and write what we want to write.


In the meantime, I have to let go of the guilt, and enjoy the process.