Our Valentine’s Day Tradition

In case you live under a very remote rock, you’ve probably noticed a swarm of heart-shaped pink things everywhere you look lately. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, friends! That might ignite flutters of joy and excitement in your festive little hearts, but personally… I can take it or leave it. Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating and baking and everything pink as much as the next girl. But here’s the thing: Feb. 14th used to be my anniversary with Ben. And after years of battling the Valentine’s day crowd, we gave up! We decided to sit it out and switch our anniversary to another important date in our relationship. Yes, you can do that.


But we still wanted to do something festive and fun. So what’s a girl to do? Have a feast.


This isn’t for the feint of heart. This is serious eating. Take a day off from your New Years Resolution and give yourself permission to pig out like you’ve never pigged out before. Here’s the scoop: Order takeout from 3-5 of your favorite restaurants, put on your PJs, and hit the sofa. Line up a few of the hits on Netflix, or turn up the tunes and have a serious dance party. Significant other optional.


It’s perfect because it’s just extravagant enough to feel celebratory, without all of the hallmark holiday nonsense. A few tips and tricks from a seasoned feast-er? Pizza Hut makes heart-shaped pizzas for the big day, and Dunkin Donuts makes for a great heart-shaped dessert. No, you don’t have to finish all the food. You’ll have leftovers for a week, and that’s part of the fun! Choose a few different flavor profiles. We usually do a pizza, thai, and mexican to cover all our bases.


So if you’re looking for something simple, stress-free, and super fun to do for Valentine’s day, look no further. What are you plans for the big day?