Reading Recommendations & How I Read 5 Books a Month

You guys, life is busy. Between ignoring our long forgotten blog (hello old friends), exploring new hobbies (I’m now an amateur jewelry designer!), writing a book, and keeping up with work, friends, and side gigs… who has the time?? For anything?? And how?? I’ve always been someone who thrives when I’m busy, but this is getting ridiculous. Luckily, I’ve found a few tricks to keep up with the little things that matter the most to me. One of my biggest lifesavers: audiobooks.


I know. I have a love/hate relationship with them. But here’s the thing – when I’m driving to work, I can hang out with JK Rowling and suddenly the traffic is a breeze. I cook and clean listening to Toni Morrison and it’s no longer a chore. Without noticing, I blew through 5 books in the past 3 weeks. It’s obviously not for everyone. It takes some focus, and you definitely lose that incredible, personal feeling of having a printed page in your hands. And believe me, a bad narrator can ruin EVERYTHING. But if those little sacrifices mean I’m able to keep up with my literary goals and experience all the incredible stories out there, it’s totally worth it!


Unfortunately audiobooks can be very expensive. But check your local library – most have a membership with an online platform that allows you to download them directly to your phone through an app called Overdrive (or something similar).


Want to know what I’ve been reading? It’s a pretty wide spectrum, but my favorites have been:




Blue Nights by Joan Didion – An intimate memoir about the loss of her daughter.

Feels like: Sitting down with an old friend and getting a glimpse into the secret battles they fight every day.



Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison: A prose-driven story told by an insightful, engaging, young black man taking on a world that refuses to recognize him as a human being.

Feels like: Life, told beautifully. A call for attention, a slap in the face, a reminder.



Cinder by Marissa Meyer: A YA Lit retelling of Cinderella, but with cyborgs, aliens, and even some imagination.

Feels like: A fun, fast paced adventure that recalls the original story without sacrificing its own. Just a good time.



What are you reading?