Where in the World: Cinque Terre

Do you get wanderlust in the springtime? I do. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the last 20 some years of my life telling me that this time of year is made for adventures, but I keep finding my mind drifting to fabulous beaches and quaint countrysides. Lately it’s been Cinque Terre, a group of 5 small towns on the west coast of Italy. Have you been? It was

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It’s one of those days, you guys. I just got off a very red-eye flight home from Madison, WI (details to come!) and I’m completely out of it! So what’s a girl to do when she can’t focus on anything besides celebrity news and young adult lit novels? Revert to middle school era entertainment, obviously. It’s time for MASH! The fabulously accurate fortune telling game was a staple throughout my

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How to Make the Perfect Bread

You guys. Let’s talk about one of my favorite things in the world: freshly baked bread. From the moment that earthy, buttery smell wafts out from the oven, I’m sold. It’s the perfect comfort food. And it’s actually pretty easy to make yourself, even if you’re not an expert baker. We’d like to share some basic bread baking tips and tricks, and one of Skyla’s favorite Ciabatta Bread recipes. Measure,

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Spring Pastels

Spring is finally here! I was ecstatic when I went outside and realized I didn’t need to wear a cardigan over this lacy lilac dress. After a long, cold winter, the sunshine and budding flowers inspired me to embrace the season and play with pastels. Soon I’ll blend right in with the blooming lilac bushes in the backyard. My bun is like my Pistil. (Flower anatomy humor, eh?) Dress: Target

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